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Breast Augmentation

Below are some dramatic before and after pictures illustrating the results possible from the Breast Augmentation procedure. Click on the small image for a larger version.

Breast Augmentation   Breast Augmentation

General Information

Cosmetic enlargement of the breasts is done by surgical implantation of breast prostheses (medical grade silicone shell filled with saline (salt water) solution or silicon cohesive gel filled breast implant placed beneath the breast). The three common techniques for inserting the implant are (1) inframammary, (through a small incision underneath the breast); (2) transaxillary (a small incision in the armpit); and (3) periareolar (small incision around the brown part of the skin which surrounds the nipple).

The amount of breast enlargement is a decision which must be made by the physician in that only the physician can make an accurate appraisal as to the correct size implant which a breast will accommodate. However, the patient's wishes and desires, if realistic, will be given maximum consideration. The implant is placed UNDER the breast tissue, so that any future examination of the breasts by a physician will be possible as well as breast feeding of subsequent pregnancies.  Each of the various type implants and their advantages and disadvantages will be discussed with you in detail prior to surgery. The best candidates for breast augmentation are women who are realistic as to expectations and are looking for improvement, not perfection in the way they look.


We prefer to do the surgery under general anesthesia. The patient is sedated and the surgery lasts approximately two hours. The patient may return home that afternoon or stay in the hospital overnight.


A small incision, approximately 1 1/2 to 2 inches in length, is made under the breast or around the areolar, depending upon the technique utilized. This usually heals to a fine line scar by six months.


The patient is restricted to rest at home with minimal arm movement, especially during the first 48 hours. There is usually some mild discomfort, possible swelling and/or discoloration which is common with this surgery for a short period of time. A sleeping bra is worn night and day after the dressings are removed.

Possible Complications

It is sometimes necessary to remove an implant due to an unforeseen complication, however, this is a rarity. Complications such as bleeding is uncommon (1-2%) but always possible. Infection, changes in sensation and firmness, capsular contraction,leakage, or rupture of implant can occur as well. There are risks associated with all surgical procedures and these will be discussed in detail with you prior to surgery.

Surgery Instructions
For Breast Enlargement
Before Surgery Instructions

1. Scrub the armpits, breast and chest wall thoroughly with Betadine surgical scrub or Cetaphil (available at your drug store) for one week prior to surgery, 5 minutes on each side.

2. On the day of surgery, someone must drive you to the hospital or clinic and take you home after discharge.

3. Take your medications as prescribed by Doctor. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN OR ANY ASPIRIN COMPOUND CONTAINING SALICYLATES FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS BEFORE OR AFTER SURGERY. You may take Tylenol or any Acetaminophen-containing compound in it's place.

4. Wear loose fitting clothing preferably button in front blouses, which is easy to slip on and off with minimal use of your arms-- NO pullover sweaters or high platform shoes.

After Surgery Instructions

1. ARM MOVEMENTS- Limit the use of your arms almost entirely for the first two days following surgery and minimal arm movements for at least the first week following surgery. Do not lift anything heavy or drive a car during that time. The first 48 hours, you should rest indoors as much as possible, preferably in a semi-reclining position. DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN IN ANY FORM FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS.

2. After two weeks you may resume most normal activities except for such things as tennis, golf, swimming or strenuous exercise. Do not lie or sit in direct sunlight or hot outdoor areas for the first 4 weeks.

3. SHAMPOO AND HAIR COLORING - All coiffure procedures can be carried out at any time the patient desires, however excessive use of the arms necessary for these acts should be limited the first 10 days, so go to the beauty shop.

4. SHOWERS AND BATHS- Sponge baths until instructed otherwise by the doctor.

5. SOCIAL ACTIVITY- Social activity should be limited for approximately 10 days following surgery. Excessive arm movements and exercise should be restricted for the first two weeks.

6. Take all antibiotics and other medications as instructed.

7. Someone should stay with you day and night for 24 hours after surgery.

8. Do not disturb the dressings we put on in surgery until you are seen in the office for your first post-operative visit.

9. PAIN- You may expect some discomfort the first several days postoperatively. This will be similar to a muscle pain after strenuous activity. As soon as you begin to feel discomfort after you get home begin taking your pain pills as prescribed- do not wait until the pain is severe.

10. Dr. Sevinor will give you a very detailed list a very detailed list of printed instructions to follow on the day of you discharge from the hospital.


It is routine to request the fees for all cosmetic procedures to be paid prior to surgery. Insurance companies will not participate in fee payment for surgical enlargement of the breasts.

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